Thursday, March 1, 2012

If you don't put it online, don't print it!

I was flipping through a magazine the other day, when a particular article got my attention. After reading it, I immediately wanted to share it with you and others online.

However, after searching online for a while I could not track it down. It was nowhere to be found. Not even the magazine website (which will remain anonymous) had any reference to it...
In other words, the message died on the paper it was printed on. The life cycle of that potentially influential idea was shortened because someone didn't see the value of at least copying and pasting it into a blog post. A small insignificant act perhaps, but one that is unfortunately more common than it should be.

The point I wish to boldly make in this short post is this...
If you want to share an idea, make darn sure you also put it online. Printing alone will have very minimal impact (unless you are The New York Times or a similar organization).

See, now you can tweet or link to this online learning fragment and share it with your followers and friends.

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