Monday, January 9, 2012

Do you have a social media plan?

As you can tell from our previous post, we have taken a very nice break from not only social media but posting to this blog:) However, thanks to our networking goals which includes daily research, frequent posts, and ongoing social sharing, we are getting right back on track.

A typical week for the two of us includes the following Mutant Learning Lab Ritual:

> Scanning several sites, white papers, blogs, and reports for information related to elearning, social media, mobile, gaming, learning in general, and other relevant topics.

> Writing 3 to 5 short blog posts (because we believe people want info this way).

> And 40 - 50 original and shared tweets.
This plan helps us to continually learn, discover, and add to The Learning Explosion.

Do you have a social media plan? If not, decide now what a manageable schedule would look like, block out the time, and then stick to the plan!

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